(Set up by Govt. of India, M/O Textiles and Registered as a Company under the Company Act.)


The Executive Director-Cum-Secretary,
Carpet Export Promotion Council,
2nd Floor, Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
New Delhi - 110001
Tel.: +91-11-23364716
Fax.: +91-11-23364717
E-mail :,
Website :

The Assistant Director
Carpet Export Promotion Council,
Bypass Road, Hariyawan, Bhadohi,
Uttar Pradesh - 221401
Tel.: 05414-225975
Telefax : 05414-224903
E-mail :,

3. Telephone No./ Fax No. with STD code & Mobile No

6(a) If Manufacturer-Exporter, Please state the products Manufactured by you and the certificate number issued by DIC or any other authority

7. Please state the products exported by you or local sale during the last three years, together with value in rupees :


Amount of Annual membership subscription in (Rs.)

Export Performance up to Rs 50.00 lakhs during the last financial year

2,000.00 + 360.00 (GST @ 18% ) = Rs. 2,360.00

Export performance above Rs 50.00 lakhs and up to Rs 1.00 Crore during the last financial year.

3,000.00 + 540.00 (GST @ 18% ) = Rs. 3,540.00

Export Performance above Rs. 1.00Crore and up to Rs 10.00 Crores during the last financial year.

5,000.00 + 900.00 (GST @ 18% )= Rs. 5,900.00

Export Performance above Rs 10.00 Crores during the last financial year

10,000.00 + 1,800.00 (GST @ 18% ) = Rs.11,800.00

1. I / We agree to abide by the Memorandum and Article of Association of the Carpet Export Promotion Council and Code of Conduct of the Council would like to become a Member of the Council and enclose herewith a Bank Demand Draft for Rs. 2360/- being entrance fee (Rs. 2000/- entrance fee + Rs. 360 GST) with Membership Fee on the basis of above table.

2. I / We hereby solemnly declare that the above mentioned facets are true to the best of my /our knowledge.

3. I / We hereby request Carpet Export Promotion Council to enroll my / our Company / Firm as Member of Carpet Export Promotion Council




(Prop./ Partner / Director)
Name of the Co./Firm

Place :

Dated :