Industry At a Glance

Inside of Indian Handmade Carpet Industry

Highly labour intensive, provides employment to 2 (Two) Million weavers/persons directly or indirectly. 85-90% is exported out of the total production.

Exports increased from Rs. 4.42 Crores in 1961- 62 to Rs. 9205.95 Crores in 2017-18. Gained No. 1 Status in terms of Value and Quantity in Exports of Handmade Carpets.

Committed to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of “MAKE IN INDIA” with ZERO DEFECT and ZERO EFFECT.

World Leader in Export of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings. Ranked No. 1 as a producer and exporter of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings both in terms of volume and value.

Provides extra and alternate occupation to the farmers and others at their homes especially women.

Artisans can make handmade carpets in any design, colour and quality as per the needs of overseas buyers and also caters to the requirement of every segment of the society.

Produces wide range of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings in low, medium and high qualities for all the segments of consumers.

Product delivery time is the fastest.

Raw-materials used are diverse and blending & mixing of different yarns is its specialty.

Produces wide range of designs based on its rich cultural heritage, traditions, history and develop modern designs on country based requirements.

India : A Global Leader in Handmade Carpet

India is today a clear leader in the international handmade carpet market. India’s heritage of handmade carpet has been recognized worldwide with a commending share in global exports, for its subtle elegance, eco friendliness and exquisite vibrant color craftsmanship with a human touch.


India’s Handmade Carpets & Floor Coverings Exports

Key Markets and Potential

India is exporting to more than 70 countries in the world, mainly to USA, Germany, Canada, U.K., Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Brazil etc. Started exporting to China. USA with 48.84% share followed by Europe with 27.25% share (Germany, UK, France)

Major Markets for India’s Carpet Exports

Being leading importers) are traditionally the biggest and established markets for Indian carpets. Europe however, seems to be stagnant today, with no sign of revival in demand, forcing exporters to find new markets. Scandinavian Countries have an unexplored potential to be tapped. CEPC has also identified some thrust countries for this purpose.


Despite holding the biggest share in Indian carpet exports, USA still promises some growth. It is a dynamic market where economy is doing well. American consumers simply love handmade Indian rugs. Latin American countries like Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia have a large unexplored potential. Brazil in particular has large population and good demand, but the import duties need to become more rational.