Key Function

Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC), under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, is focused

on promotion and development of exports of all types of handmade carpets, hand knotted carpets, rugs, floor

coverings and other allied products.  The members of the Council comprise of Manufactures Exporters,

Merchant exporters et etc.


Following are some of the key activities undertaken by the Council:


Fairs & Exhibitions


 Organizing participation in International Trade Fairs most of which are entitled for Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme of Ministry of Commerce and under various shemes of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, GOI, New Delhi.


 Participation in domestic Fairs to educate the visitors regarding export potential in various markets.

Establishing contacts with the prospective buyers by organizing exclusive Buyer-Seller Meets (BSMs) & Reverse

Buyer Sellers Meets, both in India as well as in overseas markets.


 Organizing visits of delegation of its members abroad to explore overseas market opportunities.


Liaising with Government


 The Council facilitates interaction between exporting community and Govt. both at the Central and States level.

It also has representation in various committees / panels and Parliament Standing Council of Central and State



Advising Government on the export-import policy matters.


Coordinating with various Government agencies/departments with regard the issues faced by members


Defending Interests in Global Markets:


 The business interest in the destination markets are defended by contesting trade distortion measures such as

anti-dumping duty, safeguard duty and works towards removing Non-Tariff Barriers impacting Indian exports of

Handmade Carpets and allied Sector.


 During the consultations at multilateral level such as WTO, ATC, FTA, PTA, UNCTAD ETC; the Council provides

inputs to the government to promote interests of India’s Handmade Carpets, Rugs, Floor coverings and

handmade Durries and derivatives products.


 The Council regularly communicates with Foreign Missions situated in the vicinity of India and Embassies Of

India, Trade Bodies, similarly placed Export Promotion Councils & organisations, and associations in various

countries in order to resolve the issues faced by exporters.


Conducting Trade Meets & Surveys:


 Conducting Survey to assess the supply-demand situation well in advance so that effective export strategy can

be chalked out.


 Conducting market surveys, market study in India and abroad and providing market intelligence through

various cluster studies, research reports, journals and news magazines of Council.


Providing Effective Dispute Settlement Mechanism


The Council also acts as Institutional Arbitrator to provide speedy justice at much lower costs, thereby

providing an excellent dispute redressal / settlement mechanism.


The Council also extends professional advice on conforming to the standards so as to qualify for grant of

various standards, certificates, etc



Visa Recommendation:



The council also recommending Visa Recommendation Letters to foreign Embassies situated in the vicinity of

Delhi and elsewhere, for business promotion and other allied activities in respect of Members companies.



Training and Productivity



 To increase productivity by upgrading technical skills of professionals engaged in the sector, the Council

organizes various training programmes, capacity building training programmes at different locations throughout




 Offering professional advice and services to members in areas of technology upgradation, quality improvement,

standards and specifications, market survey, MoUs, Business Tie ups with foreign stakeholders etc.



Information Dissemination



 Circulation of government Notification / Public notices / Orders, Statistics, global events, government schemes,

trade enquiries and other important articles related to Oilseeds and handmade carpet sector through emails as

well as News Bulletin.



 The Council also releases Souvenir / Trade Directories etc which provides concise trade information and

Contact details of the members.



Opening of Training Centres throughout India



With the help Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) / Ministry of Textiles, the Carpet Council arranging

Opening of Training Centres in all the parts of Indian Territory where carpet belts is there, for the welfare  and

upgradation of Weavers, Artisans and their kith and kins; small and upcoming entrepreneurs exporters etc.



Participation of CEPC Members in Mini Carpet Melas / Mini shows for domestic sale for Carpet

loving people and foreign tourists through Shilpi Haat, Dilli Haat and Urban Haat:  



 Socio Welfare / CSR Activities: The Council has also undertaken welfare measures to tackle this problem.

All the Members of the Council have helped create a Child Welfare Fund by contributing for a considerable

period of time 0.25% of the sales value of carpets exported by them.  This fund is used for welfare activities

for children in handmade carpet weaving villages.  These activities include a provision of free education

including a mid day meal, vocational training for children and an assured stipend to encourage children to

attend school and medical care for weaver families.  The Council is supporting reputed NGOs to run special

schools for the wards of carpet weavers in the areas which    lack a Government School in proximity.  These

schools are specially focused on the mainstreaming of the drop-out children of weavers families by providing

the complete primary education through a compressed 3 year course.  Besides free text books, school bags,

school uniforms,  school shoes & socks and mid day meal.  The children are also given a stipend of Rs. 150/-

per month.  So far, around 100 such schools have already completed the three – year course, benefiting over

5000 children of the weaver families in the carpet belt of Eastern UP.  Presently CEPC is running Nine (09)

Schools in Child Prone areas of Bhadohi / Mirzapur Carpet Belt under the Welfare Scheme of this Council.  



Updated Website


The Council’s website ( provides  an array of useful information such as latest

Notification / Circulars issued by Government, trade statistics, tariff related information, HS Codes, EXIM Policy,

Study  Reports,  Chart of Annual Action Plan, details of various international fairs / exhibitions, buyers / seller

meet and training programs and their reports, including Flagship events INDIA CARPET EXPO being organized

by the Council.     The website is also open for the Members for putting their advertisements to spread their

business across the boundaries, on nominal charges.

sks / osd / May 2012